Cute Animals Creating Big Impacts

You literally cannot go a few seconds without a post about animals somewhere on the internet. Whether its cats doing something stupid, or a dog wearing a hat, or even just a mini version of pretty much anything, humans are a sucker for our neighboring species on this planet. With such a strong representation, it’s not a surprise that animals are so often used to portray human emotion and human experiences through film and other media sources in order to get messages across.

Think back to when you were a kid, of how many movies about animals we enjoyed. Madagascar, Happy Feet, Finding Nemo… The list goes on. All of these movies had animals showing human emotions and telling stories you would only hear from humans, and we do this because it works.

Think back to the classic, world renowned film known as “March of the Penguins” a documentary like film that encompassed the real, true experiences of the penguins but transformed via narration and filmography to display them in a light that shows traits similar to any action, adventure or romance film that we would watch today. The impact was so great on the messages portrayed because it wasn’t the humans being impacted.


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Humans get hurt every day, humans die every day. We as a species are becoming quite numb to our own species harm, however when it occurs to an animal we are overcome with guilt. People quite often can walk past a homeless man or watch a video of a fellow human dying, but can’t bear to hear a dog whimper. Animals are used in our modern day as a stab at our emotional weak points to expose us to potential truths or happenings that we as a collective hide or pretend aren’t too serious because it’s only impacting “other people” that don’t truly matter to us.

As grim as it sounds, it’s nothing less than the truth in my eyes as to how humans view each other. We love animals because we see them as defenseless and something we need to protect, when we can’t even protect ourselves from each other. We won’t learn from daily news articles about how much we destroy and hurt each other, so it’s up to humanized animals to show what pain and damage we truly are causing.




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